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Popping back onto the blog today because I wanted to share with you a very nifty idea from Witt & Sass Owner, Amy Osburn Purdie! (The Amy Doodle Of It All).  Here's a new idea for using your favourite stamp set. Amy has used our "You Are Beautiful" 4x8 Stamp Set for hers.
To save money and make a personal gift you can use your stamps to create a one of a kind 3D sticker set!
Stamp and colour your images and add embellishments, as if you were creating a small card topper.
You can run the small flat images directly through a Xyron machine, or cut an appropriate base layer for your topper and run that through you Xyron before layering your topper on to it.
If you use a repositionable adhesive Xyron sheet , you can then place your stickers on a sheet of wax paper (to be extra frugal you can re-use the backing on the original Xyron sheet) and Hey Presto!  you have removable handmade 3D stickers!
Don't have a Xyron? Why not stick your embellishments on a sticky label sheet? Or use removable double sided tape on the back of you topper? 
However it also might be worth checking in the back of your cupboard for your Ye Olde Xyron (Perhaps it was an impulse purchase??), dust it off and remember how much fun it is to make stickers! 
Amy Osburn Purdie! - Owner and Illustrator

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