BEWARE frighting monsters and clowns inside!

Design Team Makes Purdie's Halloween witt and sass stamp company

Alright, it's day 2 of  Purdie's Halloween Stamp Set and I am going to ease into this next post. I know some of you love clowns, but I know some of you Hate them! So to ease your Halloween fears I will start off with this adorable rainbow wig inspired unicorn clown by Sean.  Come on, don't you just want to squeeze that cute clown face? Sean also created a bonus card and you can see it by going to his BLOG.

Next, we have a slightly more creepy card using the clown stamps. Adam made this delightfully and somewhat dark clown card using red flocking on the wig for a fuzzy texture. I love the mix of cute and creepy!

Now we make our way to a totally crazy and really freaky version of Purdie the Unicorn. You must know before I continue that things that start with creepy, freaky, spooky are all terms of endearment for me. The creepier the better! Which means this card is fantastic! Annabel created this truly freaky Halloween card using her amazing colored pencil techniques. 

This stamp set has enough costume pieces to create more than 12 different costumes! What kind of crazy costume can you come up with?





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