Countdown to Launch Day 4!

It's day 4 and today I am introducing a very special set of products to you. These products were created in the hopes of making it easier for every crafter to be able to create beautiful projects and to help make techniques like no line coloring a snap!
First let's talk a little about what these products do. You've seen those beautifully colored backgrounds with no black ink lines, right? Well that's no line coloring sometimes those background scenes are even hand drawn. This can be a little intimidating for most of us making it impossible for us to want to attempt it. 
My Background Builder Stamps and Background Builder Stencils help you create the perfect backgrounds! Lets take a look at this sample.
In this sample I have used the BB Cloud Stencil and Hill stencil to create my outline. I have also used the BB rainbow stamp as well. Next I have used the Chubby Unicorn as my focal point stamp using light grey ink for all of it. Now that my lines are down I can use that as my guide to color. Think of it as a coloring book page that you have created.
Here I have colored the pieces and cut them out and assembled them in this 3D card. Look at what a great impact this technique makes! It gives the appearance of a hand drawn card!
Here's another scene built with the BB Palm, and Sun stamp, and the BB Wave Stencil.  The BB Sand & White Cap stamp goes with the Wave stencil to add details. I used the Tropical Party stamp set flamingo for my focal point stamp.
Fun right? Just think of all the cool scenes you could build. But these tiny stamps and stencils can still make an amazing impact on their own. Just look . . . 
These sample showcase how you can use the stencils and stamps in a number of ways. Remember all of the products you will see this week will be available for purchase when


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