Fall Release Countdown Day 1

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We made it to day 1 and tomorrow is the big release!
We go LIVE at 9pm Saturday evening!

Witt & Sass Stamp Company

Today's release is so very close to my heart. It's all about Sentiments. I believe that crafting should be a personal expression, and I believe even stronger that  if we take all that time to create something special then the sentiments we wish to convey to one another should be special too.
I created a line of sentiment stamps called

Keepin' it Real

Sentiments that express things that you would want to hear if you were receiving a card or gift. Sentiments that keep it heartfelt, keep it loving, and keep it real. My first 3 sets are called Friends, Loss, and Thank You.


I thought it was essential to have a sentiment about internet friends because it's so  many of us makes close friends online. 


I remember when I was greiving and so many cards were so busy or had too much information for my brain to handle. That's why I made this very simple card with a sentiment that's near and dear to my heart.

Thank You

I chose to create this sentiment because sometimes I want my friends & family to know exactly why I am thankful for them.


Now you know it wouldn't be me if I didn't have something Witty & Sassy, so with that in mind I created Fabulously Gobsmacked! A sentiment stamp set that combines cheeky British sayings, with American sentiments!

Here I have used most of the British sentiments to create patterned paper for my card and below I did the same technique using one of the American sentiments.

I hope you have enjoyed these sentiment based cards and I can't wait for Saturday to come so you can all enjoy them as well!

I hope you love these sets as much as I do but more importantly I hope they help you express exactly how you feel. Be sure to join us in our Facebook group for fun, games, and prizes for our fall release!


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  • AndreaH on

    Thankyou, and you’re my person are simply great. Xx good luck on opening day. Xxx

  • Patricia Castillo on

    Love them all but my ultimate favorite is “Friend”. I especially LOVE “if you need to eat your feelings I am so totally there for you.”

  • Jane on

    Love them all but my favorite is “Loss”. Thank you for sharing…

  • Linda Wilson on

    I love all your sentiment stamping but the sympathy ones touch me the most

  • Paula on

    My fave is the long "your kindness…”, beautiful!

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