One stamp, three ways!

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Hi! Put down your copy of Bridget Scone's Diary and have a look at today's delicious Design Team offerings.
Starting with DT Sean ( with the most punktastic cupcake ever. Sean has combo'd his Designer Cupcake  with the skull topper to create this rockin' card! 
Sorry, not a Bridget fan? Oh I see, more of a classics person? Please look up from your copy of Taming of the Strudel to have a look at DT Adam's (Adam's Facebook Page) colourful cupcake card! The bright colours and the Layered Stencil Dots background just remind me of kids parties! The lovely sentiment is from the Chubby Unicorn Stamp Set, why not mix and match?
After you finish your last chapter of Swiss Roll Family Robinson check out DT Jill's ( mouthwatering birthday card! The Designer Cupcake Stamp Set includes two types of sprinkles (or hundreds and thousands!) for you to add to your cupcake treat!
I really hope you have enjoyed our Designer Cupcake week at Witt & Sass, something floury might be happening next week too!
(Very serious blog disclaimer) 
I apologise for a week of awful baking puns. Unfortunately I love dreadful puns and dreadful jokes so you might have to suffer more of them very soon.

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