Did someone say CUPCAKES???

4x8 Amy Hurley Purdie DT Designer Cupcake New Release stamps witt and sass witt and sass stamp company

Welcome back to an incredibly delicious new release at Witt & Sass and we have Designer Cupcakes to share with you! Introducing the new Designer Cupcake 4x8 Stamp Set, catering for every card based sweet snack emergency.
  Want to cater to a theme but not get bogged down in non-delicious card ideas? The Designer Cupcake Stamp Set has 12 graphics and 5 sentiments, making it completely customisable for virtually any occasion. You could make something cool for a teenage boy or just go with a traditional cherry on top for your bestie? No limits! How about a skull and berry option for your friend with allergies? Or game controller with flowers for the couple who like to argue what should be placed on their coffee table? Limitless! 
Luckily our Amy Osburn Purdie! (The Amy Doodle Of It All) has whipped, stirred and folded a few very diverse options showing a tiny slice of all the things you can bake-up with this set!
Sand style?
Frozen peaks?
Next level?
Good enough to eat?
 I'm really excited to bring on the Great DT Bake Sale this week and share with you all the delicious desserts the DT have cooked up! Also, sorry in advance, I may need to sneak in some more baking buns puns too! 🍰 

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