Do you feel that tropical breeze filled with the scent of a new release?

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Hold it! Go no further! Pop on a bit of steel-drum bossa nova, or maybe a Caribbean calypso, perhaps one of those real ocean sounds CDs or just go full Hawaiian and strum your ukulele? Maybe scatter some sea salt about and grab a piña colada for good measure. Then come back to read the rest of this post. We'll wait.
... ... ... ...
Done? Ok now you are in the correct mood for the new Tropical Party Stamp Set! Featuring Carmen Miranda Flamingo! 
It's always the right decision to go tropical! And this stamp set is the perfect tropical decision!
Did you know there is a petition to add a flamingo emoji into the standard selection in 2019? I am not happy I have to wait that long to update this post with tiny flamingos!  But thanks to  Amy Osburn Purdie! (The Amy Doodle Of It All) I can fill this post with some fabulous flamingos and tropical projects!
It's not just flamingos! This party stamp set comes with 13 graphics and 5 sentiments. So you can stamp your own embellishments, a range of sentiments and maybe even your own matching background paper?
It's also another great time to use those Witt and Sass Stencils, look how well the leaves in this Tropical Party Stamp Set matches the Layered Stencil Leaves!
Just want to get that tropical feel but without the flamingo? You could go a bit retro geometric with this part of the stamp set -  We are already joking that the Witt & Sass design team aesthetic is Miami Vice! This reminds me of some plastic eighties jewelry I once flaunted with an unreasonable amount of sass.
So the tropical wave of inspiration has started and will be coming at you all week, with loads of fabulous work by the Design Team who seem to thrive when given a flamingo to work with, what does that say about us all?
Make sure you have joined the Witt and Sass Facebook Group to easily keep on track with what's going on! There will be an awesome giveaway when we hit 1000 members, and it's not far off! :D

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