Two absolute beauties! In the pink!

4x8 Amy Young GDT Carmen Miranda Flamingo Design Team Makes Flamingo Flock Star flocking fabulous geometric Marcia DT Miami Vice Palm Tree stamps Tropic Tropic like it's hot Tropical Tropical Party witt and sass witt and sass stamp company

The Witt and Sass DT is filled with such talent, I am always so proud writing the posts and sharing them with you! It helps that we have such lovely products to work with obvs but some people are just so very clever! 
Some proof, here is DT Marcia's ( card using the Tropical Party 4x8 Stamp Set. Patterned Carmen Miranda Flamingo is giving me life! 
Also, Marcia did not stop at single greatness, she did a second card too, click the button below to go for a shuftee.
More proof -  second up is the immensely talented Amy Young, ( guest designer and wowsers look what she has done to Carmen!! Isn't it stunning? She is so clever with her lighting,  it's always en pointe! Amy also artfully used the Background Building Palm Tree Stamp.
Carmen Miranda Flamingo would like me to remind you that she does not require artistic help to look en pointe as she is naturally elegant. Just ignore her backwards knees please.
Back tomorrow with a final dose of the tropics. (Not the upset tummy kind.)
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