A Seasonal Spectrum using Stencils!

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Do you like a bit of alliteration?  Apparently the hardest bit of alliteration (as in a tongue twister) is
"The sixth sick Sheik's sixth sheep is sick"
Apparently the hardest jokes to write are one liners, like...
For Halloween we dressed up as almonds. Everyone could tell we were nuts.
LOL! You knew I couldn't not include some jokes for long!
So back to the stencils, and here is a super example of how to create a perfect plaid background from DT Tina! You can used the Layered Stencil Plaid to create a perfectly matching backing paper for your project, no need to buy a plaid paper pad again. (Tina has also used  You Are Beautiful 4x8 Stamp Set, Voodoo You Love 4x8 Stamp Set, Gobsmacked Sentiment Set.)
And keeping with the spooky theme, here is a card by DT Dana (Danascraftingcorner.blogspot.com) using three Witt & Sass Stencils - Layered Stencil clouds, Background Builder Graveyard Stencil and Background Builder Hill Stencil! She has also used the bats from Sexy Hexy Hilda! Make sure to read those gravestones!
Thirdly, and with a more gentle autumnal feeling is DT Kimberly  (Joyfulpapercrafting.blogspot.com) and an amazing card with a surprise inside! You'll have to click the picture to find out what the surprise is though! Kimberly has used the Layered Stencil Plaid, Falling for Scarecrow Stamp Set, and Fall Sassy Pack.
And finally something christmassy from me (DT Annabel - (cartwayscards.blogspot.com)) and some ideas for just using the Layered Stencil Plaid as your focal point alone. Simple to whip up and nice to embellish!
Thanks for joining us today! I know you can't resist popping in for a dreadful joke but I hope you enjoyed the DT inspiration too! More for you on Wickedly Witty Wednesday tomorrow!
Tina DT (You can see more of Tina's work on the Witt & Sass Facebook Page.)

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