What do you get if ...

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... you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter?
Pumpkin π.
Lols!? You'll be pleased to here that I am back with more dreadful comedy :D And it's certainly a time to be dreadful approaching Halloween. The DT have been working hard to be creepy ( some of us have to work harder than others) and here are two more makes with the awesome Ghost in a Jar Set!
Owner and Illustrator Amy (amyhurley.typepad.com) has used actual magic to make this card using the Ghost in a Jar 4x8 Stamp Set and  Layered Stencil Dots.
You are going to have to click on it and go check it out on her blog. This card performs... ACTUAL MAGIC.
And one from me, (Annabel (cartwaycards.blogspot.com) but less magical, more practical-labeling-logistical, using just Ghost in a Jar Stamp Set and making a tonne of tags for my treat and treat sweeties! (There is no trick included.)
It was a pleasure being back on the blog sharing some of our Witt & Sass Halloween Spirit with you!  Come back tomorrow for more slightly scary goodness!

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